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 You know what's really hard to find these days - a U.S.-friendly online sportsbook to get your bet on. Ever since a law was passed in the United States that prohibited the banks to send money to and from online sports betting companies, it's been a nightmare to find a good US friendly online sportsbook. The betting companies which were largely traded on the public markets in UK and other European countries simply ceased accepting U.S. players to join and bet, mostly from fear of their stock values diminishing would a legal prosecution arise. Little did they know, their stocks dropped regardless, as the USA market was accounting for most of their revenues. But there were a few online sportsbooks which remained U.S.-friendly and serve customer till this day. For informational purpose only, we have listed some of the best US friendly offshore sportsbooks and you can find the best sportsbooks on this betting website.

Bookmaker is one of the most popular U.S. friendly online sportsbooks on the internet. It encompasses a vast variety of sporting events, but anything that happens in the USA - this sportsbook has odds on it. Withdrawals are very fast, must say the fastest you will get from a betting website, although the funding methods could use some improvement. The main benefit of this US-friendly sportsbook is that it offers the best odds, as well as the fact that you will find the odds on upcoming games here first. Another US-friendly sportsbook is the Bodog Sportsbook, where players from the USA could enjoy a 10% bonus on their deposits, in addition to the best selection of funding methods. Payout check may be a bit slow, due to the large volume this sportsbook processed daily, but it's US-friendly, offers good bonus and serves all markets, including entertainment odds, poker odds and all kinds of weird betting. Visit our top online sportsbooks list to find more U.S. friendly betting sites.