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Online sportsbooks for Americans: Good USA online sportsbook

Sportsbooks for USA bettors In the past few years we have seen the USA online sportsbooks go from over 100 different ones to just a handful of online sportsbooks for Americans left. There are many reasons for this mass exodus from the US sports betting market, chief of which are the questionable legislation concerning wagering on the internet and the high costs and fees of processing payments with American bettors. Small sportsbooks in the recent past have faced the choice of either shutting down their virtual doors or simply dropping the quality they once were proud of. Fortunately, there are still good online sportsbooks for Americans, even though the number is really, really small, less than you can count on the fingers of one hand, that's how small the number of USA online sportsbooks has dwindled over the years.

 Today we will present you with three online sportsbooks still serving the American market and remain true to their roots - all offering good odds, easier deposits and withdrawals of your money, honesty and reliability. All of those sportsbooks have been around for at least a decade and have amassed a large number of bettors, which is the top reason they are still around and true to their past glory. Anything besides these three online sportsbooks for American bettors would be a serious gamble, with the outcome guaranteed to be a disaster. And if you already have betting accounts with all of them - well, you are better off just sticking to them as we don't see anything decent for Americans coming out soon, sorry.

 #1 5Dimes ($520 free here) - this good online sportsbook for Americans became popular in the beginning of the century with their trademark - low juice odds. Continuing the tradition of offering the best odds for the USA market, 5Dimes has recently sweetened the deal even more by offering rewards for their existing customers which include reducing the vig even more. All this makes this USA online sportsbook the one with the best betting odds available. Plenty of action here as the sportsbook offers odds on every sport imaginable.

 #2 Bovada Sports (formerly Bodog) - the name has changed by the quality service many American bettors are sued to never did. You can always pick up the phone and speak to a real person here, but the customer service is not only available 24/7, they actually know what they are talking about! Oh, the time we live in, when a customer service with knowledge of their product is a big plus.  Anyhow, this online sportsbook for Americans offers good odds and is mostly known for having the best depositing ratio of any other sportsbook on the internet. They have been around for over 15 years now and it's highly likely that you already have an account there, but it's still worth mentioning this top betting site.

#3 Intertops - this is the oldest online sportsbook in the USA and as you can see, for over 20 years of internet presence the sportsbook is still going strong and working with its American customers. We find the website and the platform to be a bit dated, downright ugly, but the quality is still there, though.  Very popular sportsbook among Americans and your withdrawals will be processed here in a timely matter.

 As you can see, the list of good online sportsbook for Americans is quite short, some may even call it embarrassing. Of course, if you search the internet you will find plenty more betting websites, but there is no way we could call any of them "good". You can also find a good selection of online sportsbooks catering to American players here, besides our own list. Bottom line, if the sportsbook is not listed here - don't even think about opening an account there or you ay regret it sooner than later.