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Offshore Sportsbooks: The top guide to the best offshore sportsbooks

 The offshore sportsbooks are currently the only sports betting websites accepting players from the US, so it's no surprise that many US bettors search for the best offshore online sportsbooks. We have compiled a list of the very best offshore sportsbooks below, you can jump down right away and pick your website. And while there is a very large number of offshore sportsbooks, some popular names in that list, too, keep in mind that if a betting sites is not listed here, you best avoid it. Just because an offshore sportsbook spends thousands of dollars advertising all over the internet - it doesn't automatically makes it a good place to patronize. The online sportsbooks listed on our offshore betting guide are proven reliable and reputable in the course of over at least a decade. This kind of requirement excludes a large number of sportsbooks, many of which are not worth visiting, while others are downright rogue. Don't end up at one of those offshore sportsbooks or you will regret it dearly.

Bookmaker - currently the ultimate top offshore sportsbook for US players. It has a very large liquidity and financial backing, paying out its customers without any hustle or issues. Even better is the fact that this offshore book offers the best odds on the most popular sports, including NFL, baseball and NBA games. It has a solid reputation among the bettors, often praised as the best at many betting forums and blogs. If you had to choose just one offshore sportsbook, Bookmaker is the top choice.

Bovada - while being a bit slow to post the odds, often a day behind the other betting sites, Bovada (formerly Bodog) is the original offshore sportsbook. With over 17 years in operation, it has weathered many a storm over those long years and still works with players from the USA. Check payments may be on the slow side, but they are guarantee to arrive. You don't have to spend countless hours wondering if this company will pay you your winnings.

5Dimes -  another very popular offshore online sportsbook, based in Costa Rica 5Dimes offers the top odds, thanks to the fact that this sportsbook is low-juice one. If you like betting large amounts or simply want the best odds, 5Dimes will deliver. Although their bonus offer is on the small side, the low-juice odds certainly make up for it after a few betting tickets. It offers fast withdrawals and depositing is easy, even taking credit cards. The recent addition of a revamped live betting platform makes this top offshore sportsbook even more enticing to the bettor looking for quality services.

These are the top 3 offshore sportsbooks right now and likely for a very long time to come. If you are looking for one, we cannot stress how important it is to select only from the list above. Creating an offshore sportsbook is no rocket science. All one has to do is move offshore and build a website. That's why the sports betting industry is riddled with fraudsters and rogue betting sites. Avoid those pitfalls and choose only among the top offshore sportsbooks.