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How to choose the best online sportsbook

 A question every bettor has faced at least once in their lifetime is how to choose the best online sportsbook from the seemingly thousands of offshore sports betting websites. We have made the answer to this question quite easy for all online bettors - simply visit our list of top online sportsbooks and you are one step closer to great online betting. But we also realize that "best" could mean many things to different people, hence we have a small selection of sports betting websites, rather than just one sportsbook.

 For starter, one must ask himself (or herself as it's often the case) what exactly are you looking for in a sportsbook. Is it the odds, the payment methods, speed of withdrawals, big selection of sporting events to bet on, etc. As much as we would like to point you to one sportsbook encompassing all these features under one virtual roof, the truth is that there is always something, a drawback or two, to every online sportsbook, thus finding the best online sportsbook is a way of learning which options you can live without and which features of the sports betting websites you must have. For example, Bookmaker is the best online sportsbook when it comes to posting the betting odds first, offering great value in their odds, very fast withdrawal of your winnings, but at the same time the methods for funding your betting account may be a bit skim and not all sports in the world are represented on its betting sheets.

 There are a few basic factors, however, that you should always keep your eyes open for and we will list them here. First and foremost, when looking for that best online sportsbook one must do a real research, if you don't want us to do it for you. Make sure that you create an array of sports betting websites, check them all out against forums and blogs, see if too many players are complaining about a sportsbook from your list (keep in mind that there are always people complaining about sportsbooks for trivial reasons, such as losing a bet), etc. You have to make sure that the best online sportsbook for you will pay out your winnings, offer you a good selection of betting odds and make it easy for the player to deposit and especially withdraw money from your betting account. And if you don't want to spend the hours necessary in choosing the best online sportsbook, simply leave it to the professionals and visit our home page for the most trusted list of top online sportsbooks.