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Is it safe to bet online at the sportsbooks

 There is no way anyone who has ever considered betting online not to have asked the question whether is safe to wager at the online sportsbooks or not. It's really simple - if you bet at any of the top online sportsbooks, betting online is quite safe; if you "stray" from that list of good sportsbooks you stand a good chance to get burnt. The thing is, online sports betting is so popular, not only in the USA, but all over the world, that there are so many crooks now starting fake sportsbooks in order to harm the visitors to their website, whether is by stealing personal information, financial data, or simply by not paying any winnings due to the players. There are gazillion ways to cheat a bettor out of money and trust me, those rogues know how to do it.

 And it's also the major reason websites like ours are enjoying quite the interest from bettors and punters alike. People who want to bet online at the offshore sportsbook don't want to end up at a rogue betting website, but at the same time a really good research of the available sportsbooks online and weeding out the bad ones is quite the tedious undertaking. And this is where we come to list the safe online sportsbooks. We are not some company which charges advertising fees and lists any bookmaker under the sun that pays those fees, but a bunch of bettors who have been burnt in the past by some of the unsafe sportsbooks and believe this should not happen to anyone. So if you want to find the safe online sportsbooks to bet on the internet on various sporting events - simply check out our collection of betting websites. We guarantee that those listed are indeed safe to patronize, they do pay your winnings and your personal information is as safe as it could be on the internet.