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Sports betting has always been one of the most popular forms of gambling in the U.S. and although for years sportsbooks were only present in Las Vegas, the online sportsbooks changed the way US players bet on sports. Before the offshore sportsbooks became popular or even existed, U.S. bettors had one of two choices - bet with the Vegas sportsbooks or turn to the local bookie, who was often a part of a mobster ring. Of course, not everyone had the chance or the means to drive every day to Sin City to bet on the NBA games, hence the illegal bookmaking operations in the neighborhoods near you took almost all of this business and people were forced to engage with shady individuals and take risks including severe limb fractures.

 This all changed with the internet and the online sportsbooks. In the beginning every online sportsbook allowed U.S. players to visit and place bets with them, despite the fact that sports betting of any kind was always frowned upon by the USA authorities. But in late 2006 the Congress passed a bill which made it illegal for banks to send and receive money to and from online gambling websites, including offshore sportsbooks, and most of the publicly traded betting websites were quick to abandon the U.S. market. Luckily for many, there are quite a few privately owned online sportsbooks which remained serving U.S. players. For informational purpose we have listed which online sportsbooks allow U.S. players to bet with them on our home page. If you are looking for online sportsbooks that allow U.S. players, simply visit top online sportsbooks and this information will be available to you.