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Top NFL Sportsbook: Best online sportsbooks for NFL betting

 With the NFL season knocking on our doors, it's time to review the top online sportsbooks for NFL betting. Many of you may not realize it, but finding the best online sportsbooks for NFL bets could be one of the most important decisions you make this football season. Many times players have chosen the wrong sportsbook entering the NFL season and have had nothing but headaches from the very beginning of the football games and end up scrambling to find a decent replacement, while those landing on a top sportsbook are busy contemplating the next winning bet. It's no secret that not all online sportsbooks are created equal and finding the top NFL sportsbook would make your NFL betting season much more enjoyable.

 Bookmaker (20% bonus for the NFL season) - This top online sportsbook is our main choice for almost all betting, not just the NFL bets. But since we are reviewing the NFL sportsbooks, we will focus our attention on the football side of this great sports betting website. A choice for literally millions of bettors world-wide for over 10 years now, Bookmaker has been one of the most stable sports betting companies on the internet and their reputation is rock-solid. The sportsbook allows U.S. players and offers many depositing and withdrawal options. But the benefits of betting the NFL season at this top online sportsbook are many. The main include - you will get the betting odds on the NFL games here first. While some other sportsbooks will wait until Thursday/Friday to post the full list of football betting odds, at Bookmaker you can start betting on the NFL games as soon as Tuesday, giving you a great advantage and the option to lock in the early odds. Considering that the NFL betting odds adjust quite frequent during the week before the football games, sometimes you can get a great deal by betting early and securing some pretty sweet odds and lines. Another big advantage is that the odds here are generally the best NFL odds you can find among the top online sportsbooks - Bookmaker is willing to make less money by offering the best betting options and that's one of the reasons so many people bet the NFL here.

 Bodog Sports (10% on every deposit you make) - The Bodog sportsbook is another great choice for the NFL season. Although the bookie is a bit slow to publish the NFL betting odds and lines and sometimes you can get a better payout at another sportsbook, the reputation of this online sportsbook is untarnished. And this is a lot to say for a sportsbook which just recently celebrated its 15 years in the online sports betting business. One of the pioneers of the internet sports betting, Bodog is a great choice for the NFL bets you'll make this year. Chances are you already have an account with Bodog, but if you are new to sports betting and are looking for the best NFL sportsbooks, Bodog is certainly a choice you would never regret. In addition to football betting, this online sportsbooks offers a lot of bets on almost any other sport during the year, so it will keep you occupied during the offseason, as well.

 So why shouldn't you just do a search for online sportsbooks and pick the first option that pops up? For one, you don't know if the online sportsbooks is rogue or not. The nature of the internet is such to allow everyone to create a website with minimal effort and investment and unfortunately there are plenty of fake sportsbooks out there which are out for nothing but stealing your money. If you plan on betting the NFL season the last thing on your mind should be if the sportsbook you have chosen will pay out or if your personal information is secure. This picking from the cream of the crop when it comes to the top NFL sportsbooks is crucial decision, luckily made easy by our website. The top online sportsbooks for NFL betting listed here are indeed very secure and reputable establishments, all with more than a decade of doing betting business online. Choose any one of them and you'd be set for the football season and beyond.