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Top Super Bowl sportsbooks: The best sportsbooks for Super Bowl

 The Super Bowl is only days away and it's time to look at the top Super Bowl sportsbooks this year. Why ranking the top Super Bowl sportsbooks, one may ask? As many of you know, the Super Bowl is the most wagered on sporting event in the United States and it also gets quite the interest from bettors abroad, as well. When something this important, attracting this many people, comes around, there are plenty of scam artists, as well. Signing up at unapproved online sportsbook for your Super Bowl bet could prove to be disastrous, plus it also give bad name to the gambling community. By offering a good list of Super Bowl sportsbooks we can help avoid though situations many bettors are placed in around Super Bowl time.

Super Bowl sportsbook

 But safety is not the only reason we rank the top Super Bowl sportsbooks. Not all bookmakers will post good odds on the Super Bowl. A lot of them will take the opportunity to add extra vig and make a bit more profit at the end of the football season, which also marks the end of a large chuck of incoming bets. Finding good Super Bowl odds is also important. Most people want to get the same winnings as their friends and not less, just because they bet at a different online sportsbook. Thus below you will see our list of the top 3 Super Bowl online sportsbooks:

 Our top ranking internet sportsbook for Super Bowl bets is 5 Dimes (opens new window). A long-established sportsbook, 5 Dimes is well known for its low-juice betting. And low juice means more profit from a winning bet. Of course, if you only bet a few dollars on the Super Bowl at this online sportsbook, the difference in the juice could only be a dollar or less, depending on your wager and the odds, but for the bettors looking to lock in a few hundreds in wagers, the difference would be pretty big. And 5 Dimes comes highly recommended by many bettors and forums, so it's not that hard to place it first on our top Super Bowl sportsbooks.

 Another top notch Super Bowl sportsbook is Bovada, formerly known in the U.S. as Bodog Sports. The odds here are generally more generous than the rest of the sportsbooks and in addition - the depositing methods are much more abundant. This bookie has been in the online gambling industry for 16 years and this alone should speak volumes for the quality of service offered.

 And speaking of longevity in the online betting market, our final last addition to the Super Bowl online sportsbooks is Intertops, in business since the very distant 1996. This sportsbook has always been among the favorite for Super Bowl wagers and rightly so. A vast array of depositing options, very fast withdrawals and some great odds on the Super Bowl set this sportsbook apart from many others. Intertops often offers the most betting props when Super Bowl comes around every year and many bettors have made out big not on the actual game outcome, but on the betting props. Something definitely worth looking into.